Aviation Cargo Services

is a young company but with a lot of skills and expertise to offer to our airline partners, founders have more than 90 years of experience in the cargo environvment.

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Aereo cargo
Aeroporto Bologna


via Triumvirato 84 / Airport g. Marconi / 40132 Bologna


via Gabriele D’Annunzio 2 / Airport mxp / 21010 Vizzola Ticino

MXP Business

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for your air cargo


founded in october 2019, the core business of our company is to develop a win-win business relationship with our partner airlines.

MJM is now located in Milan MXP and Bologna BLQ airports and our plans are to grow quickly. Our staff is able to monitor and supervise flights to and from all Italian airports.

MJM Aviation Cargo Services

enjoys the exploit

of the Quality Awards

One of the biggest surprises of the latest edition of Anama’s Quality Awards was the second place in the “Best Gsa” category obtained by the new company Mjm Aviation Cargo Services.

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